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Prices do not include shipping/handling.

All herbs are of the highest quality, 100% pure without any additives or preservatives and are received directly from the farm. Prices are not guaranteed and may fluctuate depending upon market conditions – any change in pricing will be confirmed prior to your order being filled.

The list below contains some of the most commonly used herbs.
Over 200 various herbs are available. Prices do not include Mother Earth’s Apothecary direct cost for shipping/handling.

All items are 1 lb. unless otherwise indicated above and on invoice.

Click on the size link to purchase. All prices USD.

Herb 1 lb.
Orange Peel Granules $9.25
Oregano Leaf $8.00
Passion Flowers Cut/Sifted $14.50
Peony White Tea $20.50
Peppermint Leafs Cut/Sifted $6.25
Plantain Leaf Cut/Sifted $13.75
Red Clover Blossom/Whole $13.75
Red Raspberry Leaf Cut/Sifted $7.25
Rosehips Cut/Sifted $8.50
Rosehips Whole $5.25
Rosemary Leaf Whole $4.25
Sage Leaf Crushed/Dalmation $8.25
Sencha Leaf $22.50
Senna Leaf Cut/Sifted $5.75
Spearmint Leaf Cut/Sifted $6.00
St. John’s Wort Cut/Sifted $13.50
Thyme Leaf Cut/Sifted $6.75
Valerian Root $18.50


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