Pets – Can we treat them Homeopathically?

People around the world are now asking, if we’re treating a wide variety of our own ailments homeopathically, can we also treat some of the same diseases in our pets homeopathically?Â

As a Zoologist and a Certified Aromatherapist, let me say this:  YES!  And it’s wonderful to see the natural path of recovery for these pets!Â

Those if you that are familiar with some Homeopathic remidies, don’t just rush out and try them on your pets.  Talk to your Veterinarian and also, seek out a Homeopathic Veterinarian or one who works with both “modern” medicine and homeopathic medicine or one who refers to Aromatherapists, Acupuncturists, Herbalists and others as a method of tried and true treatments for your beloved pet prior to using the shots, pills and other methods that come so readily to mind for a standard Veterinarian.

One word of serious caution:  Essential Oils and Cats don’t mix and can be deadly; so before you sprinkle Fluffy with some store bought Lavender Oil so he smells scrumptious…think again.  Firstly about purchasing cheap oils from a store, (Lavender is Native to Bulgaria and that’s where your Essential Oil should come from, it’s Native Country of Origin), and secondly about how you use your Herbs and Oils.Â

See Mother Earth’s Apothecary’s Pet Section for just a tiny view of what can be used on your pet to avoid over-chemicalization and the possible complications that come from that.Â

Remember also, that you can Contact Us, with questions or requests for speciality products for you and your pets.

Winter There, But Not Here

It’s the middle of December, and yet, many parts of the country which are used to getting socked in with snow, have received little or none.  Does this lead us to thinking about the Global Warming Trend and all the controversy surrounding it?  Or does it just lead some of us to being thankful and others of us being disappointed?Â

The disappointed ones being the skiiers, snowboarders and other snow lovers.  The remainder of us being grateful for not having to shovel snow, scrape windows and deal with the mud and slush that winter brings.Â

If we don’t have snow, for sure we have lower temperatures than we do the rest of the year.  With those outside temperatures plummeting, the indoor heat goes up.  Often times, as noted by AAAS, the Science magazine, a combination of coming in from the cold to the heated environment and the dirty ducts of the heating system cause many of us to suffer from nasal issues as well as sore throats and colds in general.Â

According to Rachels, Sick Building Syndrome is at its highest level during times when we have our heating or air conditioning on.  One of the best ways to fight Sick Building Syndrome is to bite the bullet and open your doors and windows to create a draft in your home for at least 15 minutes a day.  This keeps down mold and dust, yep, even dust.Â

Another good way to avoid Sick Building Syndrome is the use of humidifiers in your home, regardless of where you live.  Adding Mother Earth’s Apothecary’s Essential Oil Blend of Sick Building Syndrome Knockout will not only help kill mold and mildew, it will open the pours of your skin and the capillaries of your lungs in order to help you fight off Sick Building Syndrome.Â

This disease has been linked to headaches, stuffy noses, runny noses, sore throats and general aches and pains just to name a few.  Do some research on the web and you’ll determine that Sick Building Syndrome is real and is most likely in your environment.Â

Knock it out with Sick Building Syndrome Knockout.  Mention this article and get 20% off your order using the code SBS20.

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