Herbal Gourmet Tea Blends – DeStress Tea, Insomnia Relief

A wide selection of black, oolong, green, white and herbal teas, including many certified organic and fair trade certified offerings. They are specifically blended to promote health and wellness, relieve pain, relax muscles, lower tension levels, aid with insomnia and many other mind and body stressors that many of us live with daily.

Teas can be consumed hot or cold and honey may be added for flavor if desired. Our Blends or Your Request.

Researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that they have found a chemical in tea that boosts the body’s defenses. This article from Web MD highlights some of the health benefits of tea.

In a small study, research revealed that a person’s blood flow may benefit fairly quickly from drinking black tea. In this study, men who drank black tea experienced improved blood flow in their coronary arteries only a few hours after drinking the tea. Findings were presented in the American Journal of Cardiology (“Black tea increases coronary flow velocity reserve in healthy male subjects.” Am. Journal of Cardiology, 2004;93 (11):1384-1388). Read more...

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Tea Blend Price
Tea – Custom Blend – Herbal $3.00
Tea – Herbal – Antioxidant Blend – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Cleansing – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Energy Blend – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – House Blend – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Insomnia Relief – 1 oz $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Meditation Blend – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Muscle Ache Blend – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – New Moon Blend – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Ocho Flores – 1 oz. $2.50
Tea – Herbal – Sinus and Cold Blend – 1 oz $2.50

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