An Introduction to Potpourri: Day Four

Air Drying
Gather the stems of the herbs together into a bundle. Wrap the bottom of the bundle either with string or a rubber band. Hang the bundle of herbs upside down, indoors in a warm and dry room out of direct sunlight. A convenient method is to use a metal shower curtain hook to hang up the bundles of herbs and suspend the hooks on plastic coated wire closet shelving. The herbs are ready to be used when the leaves are crisp and crumble easily when crushed between your fingers.

You can remove large leaves from their stems and dry them individually. To make your own drying screen you can use a staple gun to attach a piece of window screening to a wooden picture frame. Inexpensive wooden picture frames can be purchased at most home supply stores. Mint, bay and basil are examples of some of the large leafed herbs which can be dried using this method.


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