An Introduction to Potpourri: Day Eight

Non-fragrant flowers and herbs can be used to add to the bulk and look of your mixture though they will add very little in the way of aroma. Choosing non-fragrant materials is usually done with visual appeal in mind, matching colors and texture to the primary aromatic ingredients for the best looking potpourri possible.

Essential oils are extracts of the oils found in flowers and herbs in their purest form, carrying with them a very intense aroma. These extracts are taken before the drying process and distilled in water to retain as much of the fragrance as possible. Because of its liquid form these oils can evaporate quickly when exposed to air and light but adding the oils to your mixture sparingly during the creation process can add an entirely new combination of smells to your potpourri. Essential oils can also be used to revive potpourri that has lost its aroma.

An Introduction to Potpourri: Day Seven

While there really is no limit at all to the natural materials that you grow or collect for use in potpourri making, it can be difficult to start from scratch without a clear sense of direction. This guide will help to give you an idea of the most popular materials and the roles that they play in potpourri creation.

The largest amount of material and the main base of your potpourri will be established with the use of primary flowers and/or herbs. Choosing the proper ingredients at this stage will make all the difference as far as the aroma and strength of your final mixture. For example, using lavender as your main ingredient will produce potpourri that has a distinct lavender aroma at its base no matter the secondary ingredients you use.

The primary and secondary aromatic flowers and herbs create the base of your mixture; however they cannot be used alone. Because the desired fragrance is stored in the leaves, stems, flowers and roots of your materials, the drying process can cause the oils to evaporate quickly. Added materials help to retain the aroma and make for the longest-lasting potpourri possible.

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