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Our shampoos, spritzes, shampoo bars, pest control and healing salves were all created with the health of your beloved, furry friend and our fragile environment in mind. We worked with groomers, veterinarians and expert blenders to develop and manufacture the highest quality line of all-natural, bio-degradable pet care products.

Our Pet Spa Products were each specially formulated to cleanse safely and gently while leaving your pet’s coat bright, shiny and smelling better than ever before. People tested and pet approved, Mother Earth’s Apothecary Pet Spa Pet Care Products are the natural choice for quality pet care.

Our products are formulated with natural essential oils which are simultaneously efficacious and wonderfully scented! Per doctors’ orders, all of our products are soap-free and pH-balanced for pet’s sensitive skin. We believe that the only ingredients that touch your pet’s coat and skin should be non-toxic, totally natural, and as gentle as possible. Naturally then… all Mother Earth’s Apothecary Pet Spa Pet Care products are 100% bio-degradable, free of phosphates and enzymes, and are animal cruelty-free.

Unless otherwise specified, all of our products are safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens over the age of 6 weeks. Please follow specific instructions to ensure the safety and well being of your beloved pet.

Mother Earth’s Apothecary recommends that you always consult your veterinarian before starting any herbal treatment or supplement regimen.

HealthyPet.com has a wonderful article on Herbal Supplements and Nutraceuticals for pets. They also have an extensive library, as well as an FAQ section that addresses everything from why dogs noses turn pink, to why your cat hides her food.

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Product Price
Pet Salve – Flea Off Me / Heal My Hurt Blend – 2 oz. Jar $5.25
Pet Mist – Smell Fresh Blend – 5 oz. bottle $6.50
Pet Powder – Flea Off Me Blend – 3 oz. $3.25
Pet Powder – Flea Off Me Blend – 8 oz. $9.00


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